Empire Optical Store of Tulsa, OK’s Master Opticians

Empire Optical has the largest collection of Master Opticians and Opticians under one roof in Oklahoma. We are the most experienced eyeglass adjustment and repair facility in the galaxy (I think). Also, we are cool – really, really cool and we like to fix stuff.

It’s a sad but true fact that lots of people just don’t give a damn (pardon my French, but it’s true). One of the things we hear a lot is: “I bought my eyeglasses somewhere else, and they broke. The place where I bought them said they couldn’t be fixed.” Or, it might escalate to: “after that, they told me I’d need a whole new exam (ka-ching), new frames (ka-ching), and new lenses (ka-ching).” Sound familiar?

If you are thinking that maybe, just maybe your eyeglasses could be repaired but you’ve hit a brick wall, here is your moment of epiphany – no one tries harder to fix your broken eyeglasses than Empire Optical, and I’m going to tell you how we do it. Here are 5 reasons why Empire should be your go-to glasses repair service!

Where Can I Get My Eyeglasses Fixed in Tulsa

1. We have the most experienced eyeglass adjusters in town.
I mean, we have this one guy Charles, who has been adjusting eyeglasses for well over 40 years. He’s seen more messed up glasses and messed up faces than a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. If I were to do the math, just Charles alone has adjusted more than 250,000 pairs of glasses. We also have Carol, Evie, Mary Ann, Christian, Ben, Zack, and others with well over a hundred years of combined experience. The best part is that we will adjust any pair of glasses you bring us – regardless of where or when you purchased them. So, no big guilt trips or feeling uncomfortable, just come to the back of our store and ask for an adjustment – it’s always free!

2. We are one of the few places around that owns an acetylene micro torch and “weld” 3-10 pairs of eyeglasses every day.
Technically, at the temperature of our torch, it’s called “brazing,” but hey, we call it a weld too. The thing to remember is that we will try our best to weld your broken frames back together and get you on your way. Since we are busy, you might have to leave your glasses with us for a bit, so be sure to have back-up vision correction. We do charge for welds, but you can check on the price beforehand.

Where Can I Get My Eyeglasses Fixed in Tulsa, OK

3. We have a large inventory of parts for replacement.
Since we have been in business for over 50 years, we have quite an extensive inventory of repair parts. We replace hinges, barrels, temples, notepads, screws, temple covers, and just about anything we can get our hands on. Sometimes we have the exact part, sometimes we find parts that will fit. Remember that all of these items carry a fee – but we’ll give you an upfront estimate before we start.

Where Can I Get My Eyeglasses Fixed in Oklahoma

4. We do “remounts” every day.
Remounts are when we take your lenses and “recut” them to fit into a brand-new frame. Our computer-controlled lab equipment is very good at this process, and this is often the “best” option for frame repair. When you purchase a new frame, it has a new warranty, so it’s a good way to save on lens costs when you’re in a bind.

5. Over the years we have tried all kinds of crazy repairs.
We have drilled, glued, patched, and created custom parts for countless frames. I think you get the picture – we really care, we want to help, and we’ll try our best to fix you up.

If your glasses are in need of repairs, don’t give up on them until you come see us! Stop by Empire anytime to see how we can help you get your glasses back to tip-top shape.