What Eyeglasses Are Trending in 2020

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to update your look for the Fall and Winter of 2020 is to update your eyewear.  Stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses that show your unique style are the perfect choice.  Whether you are looking for a pair of blue light reducing glasses, a new pair of prescription glasses, or a bold fashion statement, here are a few suggestions that are trending in the world of eyeglasses frames.

Trending Eyeglass Styles and Shapes in 2020:

Optical designers once again tip their hat to new versions of retro designs in our first three categories – all inspired by classic, retro favorites.  The new versions of these eyeglass designs can work properly on almost any face shape.

Style 1 – The Modern Cat-Eye

Always interesting and positively highlighting the beautiful brow lines of women since the 1950’s and 1960s, the Cat Eye shape is still one of the most interesting eyeglass shapes – “sexy yet serious,” confident and alluring, and always glamorous.  Cat eye glasses are sure to help you stand out and get noticed.

In 2020, eyeglass designers are using modified angles and materials in the cat eye.  From minimalistic metals, to classic acetate black, to curved shaped cat eyes with etched details – the cat eye is a hot fashion trend in 2020.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Vera Bradley Ginger, McGee Optical.

 What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Prada VPR 05X, Luxottica.

Style 2 – Vintage Round Frames.

Maybe in the spirit of a simpler past, current eyeglass and sunglass designers have re-envisioned beautiful round frames for 2020.  Always perfect to soften the features of a more angular face – round shapes have always held an elevated place in eyeglass design.  This year, we see a full range of sizes from small round designs that are more elegant and refined, to large round shapes that are more playful and bold.  Round shapes are also excellent choices if you have a thicker eyeglass prescription because they “round off” the outside corners of the lenses and make them lighter.

Whether you choose the classic acetate colors of black and brown, a minimal lightweight metal such as titanium, or a beautiful translucent shade of color, round shapes can do a lot to update your look.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Giorgio Armani 5079, Luxottica.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

New Rules 1, WOOW.


Style 3 – Retro Aviator goes Modern

Aviator sunglasses have long been one of the most popular designs for sunglasses, but the same concepts are now being applied to modern everyday prescription glasses.  Whether you choose old school metal, or ultra modern plastic versions made of acetate, the aviator shape is hot in 2020.  The aviator is super fashionable in either the standard teardrop design, or more modern versions that incorporate oval and square aviator shapes.  Many of these designs have the characteristic double bar bridge for added detail.

Small and large aviators are available for both women and men, and all seem to be trending on the runways and in Hollywood productions.  Next time you get the chance, try a modern aviator shape and see how the designs can suit your face – whether round or square the options are limitless.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Badgley Mischka Rochelle, Kenmark.


 What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Ray Ban 6589, Luxottica.


Style 4 – Translucent Colors and Nudes

Due to some remarkable advances in eyeglass technology, designers have been creating lightweight plastic frames with soft and pleasing translucent color palettes.  These frames are available in many eye catching shapes, but they are meant to softly compliment the wearer’s natural features.

Many of these eyeglasses and sunglasses utilize remarkable shades of browns, pinks, lilacs, and the full range of uniquely colored beiges.  The result is that people notice the subtle fashion, but are drawn to the beauty of the eyes inside the frame.  Remember that it’s important to complete the look with a high quality anti-reflective coating so that people are pulled straight to the eye contact instead of a distracting reflection.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Badgley Mischka Rochelle, Kenmark.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Kate Spade Kimberlee, Safilo.

Style 5 – Clear Eyeglass Frames

Clear eyeglass frames are definitely one of the hottest trends of 2020.  These can be subtle or energetic depending on the designer, however, they are sure to get positive attention.  A completely transparent crystal frame will allow you to focus on flattering shapes of interest, while subtle colors of honey, light green, or smoke gray will evoke a more classic retro feel.  These are great fashion choices for both eyeglasses and sunglasses and can also be paired with lightly tinted lenses for the perfect effect.

Clear frames are available in almost every shape and size imaginable.  Choose thicker frames for a bold statement, or thinner frames for a classic minimalistic feel – clear is definitely fashionable in all varieties.

What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

Vera Wang Diandra, Kenmark

 What are the Newest Eyeglass Trends in Tulsa

2922, Silhouette Optical.


Trending Eyeglass Styles and Shapes Wrap Up

Remember – the most important thing is to express yourself!  Eyeglasses allow you to change looks and show the world your personality – we love to help you find the perfect pair that suits your lifestyle.

If you really want to change your Fall 2020 look and get noticed, remember that a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses is your best fashion choice.  Nothing expresses your personality like a new pair of eyeglasses!