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Can I Get FREE Eyeglasses in TulsaHere’s what we’re committed to… For the past 53 years (and counting), Empire Optical has found ways to share resources with the Tulsa community. For the past several years, we have focused on one main effort – to GIVE EYEGLASSES TO THOSE IN NEED. We focus our efforts here locally, but wanted to let you know how we help. Through our ForSight project we help three main groups, and will look to expand those efforts in 2018.

1. We have a long standing commitment with the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. They send us people in need, and we provide free eyeglasses. We have made literally hundreds (if not thousands) of pairs for Tulsans in need of help -we couldn’t have done it without your support! To learn more about the Tulsa Day Center, or to volunteer click to visit their site.

2. Beginning in 2016, we extended this program to Tulsa’s Family and Children’s Services. They screen candidates with significant need, and we are able to give them free eyeglasses. We have really appreciated this partnership and helping families in need is dear to our heart. To learn more about the programs at Family and Children’s Services, click to visit their site.

3. For over 50 years, we have been a collection/donation point for used eyewear donations to the Lion’s Club. You may know of the Lion’s Club and their commitment to passing along used eyewear to people around the world in need. When you bring in your used eyeglasses, we package them and get them to the Lion’s Club of Talequah (affiliated with NSU Optometry school). To learn more about the Lion’s Club Program, check out their site.

If you have additional questions, or have other Tulsa based programs you feel could use our help, please send an email to: info@empireoptical.com

Thanks for your support – a portion of all your purchases are doing some really great things in our community!

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