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At Empire Optical, we believe in a personal touch. It’s why we aren’t going to give you a standard web page that details our business, but rather write you a letter about why we love what we do. Our family-owned business has been making the best glasses in Tulsa since 1964, and we are proud to say that the core values of service, quality, and innovation that began our business are still with us today.

We know how important your sight is to your life. Which is why we believe glasses aren’t just an afterthought or a one click buy. They are a missing piece of your life that needs the same level of passion and care that you bring into all the aspects of your life. We believe in a perfect fit where glasses serve to enhance your lifestyle beyond what you might have thought possible.

We simply love glasses. We wouldn’t call it an obsession…(maybe we would) but it is our passion and the reason we all get up in the morning! (Other than coffee.) This letter is all about you getting to know us though and why we love what we do, so in the spirit of sharing, here are a few of our favorite things about Empire Optical.

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Empire Optical will always adjust your eyeglasses for free (regardless of where you purchased them). We perform hundreds of adjustments every day and are one of the only places around that still welds broken glasses and replaces broken parts. Basically, if we can’t fix it, no one can.

Our Eyeglass Frames Store

Our store isn’t just a store – it’s an interactive glasses experience. We know it sounds a little crazy, but really, you have to see it to believe it. Thousands of frames, tons of style options, and some pretty cool displays if we say so ourselves. And the best part? You can meet Ruth, our style savant, eyeglass expert, and store mascot. Yes, she’s a dog, who also has her own blog. If the amazing glasses aren’t enough, who doesn’t want an adorable companion keeping them company while selecting your perfect pair?

Find an Cheap Glasses Store in Tulsa OK

High Quality Designer Glasses For Any Lifestyle

At Empire, we really have something for everyone. Our personal digital freeform lab makes state of the art lenses that no one else does with in-house inspections and testing. Everything we do is on the cutting edge with exclusive brands, durable glasses and an amazing staff who knows how to “make it work.” You can really do anything in our glasses – and that’s not just inspirational (though we do also believe in you!) you literally can do anything in our glasses, like rock climb or watch 10 straight hours of Netflix (not that we do that).

When you think Empire, we want you to think about old fashion ideals sling shot into the future with advanced technology and the most fashionable frames. We never lose sight of that all-important human connection. It’s why we value the in-store shopping experience where our experienced and amazing staff (truly the most valuable glasses experts in the galaxy) can really get to know you and your lifestyle to find you the perfect glasses.

Hope to see you soon,
Empire Optical and Ruth




You can start your Empire experience now with a sneak peek at some of our favorite designer glasses!  Or see what’s happening in the world of glasses in our blog series.

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Empire Optical has been making Tulsa’s best eyeglasses since 1964. We have thousands of frames in stock, the coolest store in town, and our own digital freeform lab that makes state of the art lenses (no one else does). We have the most experienced staff and the best products - no reason to shop anywhere else!

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