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Men’s Eyeglasses: Lifestyle Collection

Empire Optical sources designer glasses from around the world. Our lifestyle collections are interesting brands we have found that don’t always fit in the big brand category but might just fit you! These are usually either unique small companies or larger optical manufacturers with their own glasses brands. Each lifestyle line has its own story and quality you can depend on. Take a look and see if you can find the perfect frame for your lifestyle.

Glasses Frames for Everyone and Every Activity

Here are just some of the people who can find amazing glasses and lens treatments customized for their specific interests and lifestyles! Where might you fit?

Dedicated Athletes

You aren’t just a sports fan, you are an athlete! If you love getting down and dirty, you need a pair of glasses that will hold up to all that physical exertion. Not only do we offer glasses with an anti-reflective coating that allows for better vision and therefore a better performance, we also have specialty sports glasses! Our sports glasses use Trivex and Polycarbonate lenses, because they are the most impact resistant materials to protect your eyes. So, go ahead and play ball – without worrying about your glasses!

Find Oakley Eyeglasses in Tulsa, OK

Digital Savant

If you spend hours on the computer, either for work or as a video game aficionado, then we have the computer glasses for you! All digital devices, including phones, computers, and TVs, emit Harmful Blue Light. Overexposure to harmful blue light has been linked to many health problems, a disrupted sleep cycle, and sight-threatening eye diseases! Stay safe with our specialty computer glasses that have a Blue Light Filter to protect your eyes from those harmful rays. You can now binge watch your favorite Netflix show, cruise through your Facebook feed, focus on that important report for work, or kick some video game butt – we’ve got your eyes covered.

Find Ralph Lauren Eyeglasses in Tulsa, OK

Fashion Mogul

You don’t simply follow trends – you make them. If you consider your glasses to be the ultimate style statement, then you just might be interested in our range of fashion glasses. We offer Lens Tints in virtually any shade to add a pop of color to your look and Mirror Coatings for a fashionable look that also doubles as sun protection. With our designer glasses frames for men [LINK TO DESIGNER BRANDS], you will turn heads everywhere you go as the fashion mogul you are!

Find Ray Ban Eyeglasses in Tulsa, OK

Dad On-the-Go

You’re busy, you’re constantly on the move, and you’re pulled in a million directions– but that doesn’t mean you’re not also looking good! Our men’s glasses for dads on-the-go are stylish designer frames that are also practical for your crazy lifestyle. We conveniently offer Transition Lenses, so you can go from indoors to outdoors in a snap without needing to switch glasses for sunglasses (if you even remember where you put them…). We also include Scratch Resistant Coating on our men’s glasses to protect against routine scratches and tiny, curious hands. Our glasses are kid tested and dad approved.

Find Lacoste Eyeglasses in Tulsa, OK

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lifestyle frames

How Our Men’s Eyeglasses Are Made

Empire Optical only carries high quality frames and lenses that we can back with a one year or even two year warranty. Our lens options include progressive lenses, single vision lenses, and even bifocals, and our frames are made from a variety of materials including plastic glasses frames, acetate frames, stainless steel frames, wood frames, and so much more!

Every pair of glasses we create in our lab uses state of the art freeform technology (high definition customization) for the most accurate prescription available. Our lenses are fully safety tested to assure our high standards and to prove we make the best lenses. We also include UV protection and Scratch Resistant coatings on every set of lenses because we value your eyes and believe these things should always come standard (when others charge more).

Find Addidas Eyeglasses in Tulsa, OK

See How Amazing Our Glasses Look on you and find your perfect lifestyle fit

Empire Optical and their staff is wonderful. Nicki helped me with getting a perfect pair of glasses for my situation and personality. She was patient, had great knowledge and was just real easy to work with throughout the whole process. I love my new glasses and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Nicki and Empire

Nancy Taylor

Fantastic customer service and great products. I purchased a pair of glass and for some reason they did not hold up in the first year. I took them in each time and they repaired them. Then the last time I took them in they contacted the manufacturer and the next day I had a new pair. All of the employees make you feel like you are the most important customer they have. Thank you Empire Optical!

Sarah Reynolds

From the initial phone call, the first visit to the last Johnny and I were treated with kindness, courtesy and respect. Lynn, Carol and the entire staff have gone above and beyond to meet our unusual needs. We highly recommend Empire Optical!!!!!

Kathy Hall

Empire Optical and their staff is wonderful. Nicki helped me with getting a perfect pair of glasses for my situation and personality. She was patient, had great knowledge and was just real easy to work with throughout the whole process. I love my new glasses and couldn't be any happier. Thank you Nicki and Empire

Tim Kirk

Literally look no further.. ? This is the place in Tulsa to obtain the glasses you really want and deserve. I recently moved back to the Tulsa area and needed a new pair. I have been here in the past before and this place has a better selection than eyemart and others. They always greet you and everyone is super friendly.

John Doe

The person who helped me, Carol, did a great job. She adjusted my glasses and they fit much better. I am thankful for this service, especially because it was free, and they still did a great job.

Daniel Wagner

Everyone was super nice and we came in right at closing time, but they fixed us up without batting an eye...:)
Thanks Empire Optical

Lydia Rimer

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