The TOP DOG of Empire Optical Store

Hello frrriends!
This is Ruth.
I am the top dog around here at Empire Optical.
Welcome to my blog. Whatever a blog is.

I love all my new friends that come to see me at Empire.
It has been really fun to have a job.
They don’t pay me much.
But I am great at helping customers pick out eyeglasses!
Just look at my awesome sense of style.

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Besides being able to rock some pretty cool frames, here’s a little more about me!
Did you know I’m a rescue dog?
I mean, I’m not sure what that even means, but I love my new fami-ly.
I’m part Australian shepherd.
I think I’m also part lab, but who knows.
I’m a little shy, but I really really love people.
So, say hi to me when you come visit the store.
Thanks for making me feel so welcome here.

Remember to keep following my blog.
I’m going to have some fun.
Get in a little trouble.
Meet some cool people.
Take some pawesome pics of me and all our great eyeglasses.
You won’t want to miss it.

Paws out!