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digital life: Clear Up Your Digital World


The Most Advanced Blue Light Glasses in Tulsa

At Empire Optical, we’re excited to share that our digital life lens is one of the most advanced digital lenses on the market, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our customers.

digital life uses patented, scientific lens technology to make viewing cell phones, tablets, and computer screens easier than ever. These lenses are built with the smoothest vision progression on the market and precise Blue Light protection to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. Our digital life lenses can help to decrease eye strain while giving protection against potential eye conditions that can be caused or aggravated by prolonged exposure to high intensity Blue Light.

Blue Light Reduction with Every Lens

Because of the role that technology plays in almost every industry, we average more daily exposure to screens and other sources of blue light than ever before. Damage from blue light is certainly a concern, but it doesn’t mean that Blue Light is always harmful — read our [exploration of the complex concept of Blue Light] to learn more. With this in mind, exposure to Blue Light waves has the potential to damage our eyes over time in high enough quantities.

digital life lenses utilize the most cutting-edge Blue Light lens materials on the market. These lenses reduce exposure to the harmful end of the visible light spectrum while allowing non-hazardous light waves through, making them excellent for people who use screens often.

These lenses are virtually clear in color, while many Blue Light solutions have an obvious tint. digital life Blue Light glasses offer improved protection without noticeably affecting your vision.

Optimized for Viewing at Every Distance

digital life lenses are sold for a variety of different needs, but we wanted to highlight the ways in which digital life progressive lenses help the wearer handle their day-to-day with less risk of harmful exposure to Blue Light.

The progressive “reading corridor” in digital life lenses is designed to transition from distance vision to full power smoother and quicker than any other progressive lenses. This means that more of your lens can be used to view screens and other objects up close, and that your whole spectrum of vision appears sharper with digital life’s “panoramic distance view” than with other progressive lenses.

With a greater vertical reading area, better transitioning between near and far vision, and 100% magnification power, digital life lenses offer the clearest focus at all distances and are more optimized for reading and digital screen use than any other progressive lens.

digital life Lenses in Tulsa — for Every Need (And Every Frame)

digital life lenses can work with multiple materials, styles, tints, and frames, including sunglasses, making them a completely dynamic solution to your digital viewing needs. There are four types of digital life lenses, all equipped with patented Smart Blue Filter™ Blue Light protection:

  • Single Vision – An advanced, single-power design
  • Enhanced Single Vision — Integrated with mild reading assistance
  • Next Gen Progressive — Cutting-edge design for use with digital devices
  • Advanced Wrap — Specially made for use with high-curve frames

Our top-of-the-line digital life lenses are only available at our glasses store in Tulsa, OK. Call (918) 744-8005 or visit our store for more details.

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