Velocity Sport Lenses – for all your sport specific needs.

Our digitally advanced solution for activities which depend on hand eye coordination and reaction speed.  These lenses (Single Vision and PAL) offer the widest and clearest distance zones in the industry.  Through advanced mathematical calculations, VELOCITY SPORT lenses are designed to improve edge to edge distance clarity and usability.

VELOCITY SPORT lenses come in a range of polarization, color and mirror options to give you the premium clarity and contrast you need from a great pair of shades. Their design and features support activities in variable light conditions and environments, to include golfing, cycling, sport driving, water sports, hiking, and other activities where you depend on your sunglasses to up your game.  Having optimal vision during sports can improve your confidence and ability, and could even reduce the risk of accidents or injury – to both yourself and others around you.


  These designs are intended to provide edge to edge clarity in the distance zone.  The progressive is then weighted towards intermediate (arm’s length), then finally has a small but stable near zone for reading fine print.  The purpose of this lens is superior DISTANCE VISION CLARITY. 

Color Solutions:  Provide Contrast, Filter Reflectivity, Eye Comfort

Different activities are aided and enhanced through certain lens colors and treatments.  The following list will aid in selecting the perfect lenses form each environment:

Contrast – to provide contrast, the system needs to filter out light that is difficult for the eye to focus, or filter out some of the “predominant color” in the sporting environment.  In general, this “hard to focus” light is in the blue (haze, dusk, water, sky) to green range (grass, trees).  A complimentary filter is used to accomplish this.  Contrast colors are in the Brown-Pink-Orange-Yellow range.

Reflectivity – reflections in the environment (metal objects, light colored surfaces, water, ice)  can cause discomfort and eye strain.  We reduce these by using darker colors, or polarization.  Polarization will allow for the greatest reduction in glare, but they may cancel visibility some LCD screens (pilot instrumentation, gas pumps, some car screens), and there are some sports where people prefer to view reflections (such as patterns in grass and reflections of terrain).  Golf is complicated, and the ability for the eyes to “relax” (with polarized lenses) should be weighted with the ability to judge the reflections on grass patterns (without polarized lenses).


Eye Comfort 

  In bright conditions – the darker the tint, the more the eyes can relax.

  In variable conditions – the lens color needs to be dark enough for comfort, but  not “too dark” to make the eyes work if light is reduced in the environment.  Certain “sunglass” photochromics can also be a great solution since they change color variably with light conditions.

  In low light conditions – lighter lens color, photochromics are also an option.


To ask about your specific activity and test color filters, stop by the store and talk to a salesperson.  We will be happy to explain the technology and help you achieve the best lenses for your individual activity.


Empire Optical and their staff is wonderful. Nicki helped me with getting a perfect pair of glasses for my situation and personality. She was patient, had great knowledge and was just real easy to work with throughout the whole process. I love my new glasses and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Nicki and Empire

Nancy Taylor

Fantastic customer service and great products. I purchased a pair of glass and for some reason they did not hold up in the first year. I took them in each time and they repaired them. Then the last time I took them in they contacted the manufacturer and the next day I had a new pair. All of the employees make you feel like you are the most important customer they have. Thank you Empire Optical!

Sarah Reynolds

From the initial phone call, the first visit to the last Johnny and I were treated with kindness, courtesy and respect. Lynn, Carol and the entire staff have gone above and beyond to meet our unusual needs. We highly recommend Empire Optical!!!!!

Kathy Hall

Empire Optical and their staff is wonderful. Nicki helped me with getting a perfect pair of glasses for my situation and personality. She was patient, had great knowledge and was just real easy to work with throughout the whole process. I love my new glasses and couldn't be any happier. Thank you Nicki and Empire

Tim Kirk

Literally look no further.. ? This is the place in Tulsa to obtain the glasses you really want and deserve. I recently moved back to the Tulsa area and needed a new pair. I have been here in the past before and this place has a better selection than eyemart and others. They always greet you and everyone is super friendly.

John Doe

The person who helped me, Carol, did a great job. She adjusted my glasses and they fit much better. I am thankful for this service, especially because it was free, and they still did a great job.

Daniel Wagner

Everyone was super nice and we came in right at closing time, but they fixed us up without batting an eye...:)
Thanks Empire Optical

Lydia Rimer

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