Construction has begun on the redevelopment of the SW corner of 21st & Harvard. The project will enlarge the space of Empire Optical, while adding new spaces for additional retail, restaurant, and office tenants. The project was designed by Rick Stuber Architecture. Construction by Stava Building Corporation. Leasing by Grant Stewart of Wiggin Properties (918) 582-8100.

The project begins with a full reburbishment of the two-story 10,000 sqft building at 3220 E 21st. We will keep the existing brick, polish the concrete floors, and add new black steel and energy efficient windows. The New Retail Center (running East-West) will use reclaimed brick to keep a modern-historic feel. We feel that by keeping a vintage "Florence Park" personality, we will stay true to our community's values. We look forward to making a beautiful and unique midtown project and will try to find a good mix of partners to share space with. Current construction completion date - December 2016.

Our plans are complete, but spaces can be configured and "built out" to the tenant's specifications.  We are currently approved for restaurant, retail, and approximately 5,000 sqft of upstairs office space that overlooks the intersection to the East, and has views of  Florence Park and downtown Tulsa to the West.  Contact Grant Stewart for leasing information (918) 582-8100.

 To see additional renderings of both buildings, click on the news story below entitled "Redevelopment Details."

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