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You Have to See This!

The Best Eyeglass Pakage in Town - by far!

So, you may have shopped for "bargain" glasses in the past and in the end you just feel ripped off.  Low quality parts, low quality lenses, and poor service just make you hate your glasses.

On the other hand - Empire Optical has made their reputation for over 50 years by providing the highest quality frames, lenses, and service available in Oklahoma.  We pride ourselves in being the best!  We know that people are always looking for deals, so we have provided the absolute best eyeglass value in town - our $150 Deal!

Here is what is included in our $150 eyeglass package:

• Frames.  Literally hundreds of high quality, beautiful, stylish options are on our $150 table every day.  These frames are really cool and well made - you'll be impressed!

• Lenses.  High Quality single vision lenses in your prescription are included.  (Upgrades are available for bifocals or progressive lenses).

• Goodies.  Your lenses will perform better because we include scratch resistant coating, UV protection, and your choice of Anti-Reflective coating or sunglass tinted lenses.

All for $150!  No one else in Oklahoma offers such a great deal and seriously cool frames!  You owe it to yourself to come to Empire and see the huge $150 table and see what we have to offer.

See the gallery below for real frames from our $150 table.  There are hundreds of cool frames just like these (and including these) for you to choose from.

Empire Optical Co. Inc. is a BBB Accredited Eyeglass Supplier in Tulsa, OK

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