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Just a word about Empire Optical before we get started - Respect. There, I said it. We respect our customers by trying to provide the best products and services available at the best prices. We don’t play games, or have two sets of prices for insurance or non-insurance customers. Everyone gets the respect of a straight deal with extremelyhonest pricing.

We also invest in the latest technologies and processes so we can make the best eyeglasses available. We pride ourselves in doing “what is possible,” rather than what is easy. That is why we are the only lab that we know of (anywhere) that creates custom tools for every lens we grind, safety tests every lens we produce, and glues the screws into each frame we assemble. We make your eyeglasses like we were wearing them ourselves.

Eyeglass Frames

For over 48 years, we have been known for having a large and diverse in-store eyeglass inventory.  We pride ourselves on having very useful, dependable, and interesting eyeglasses from over 50 vendors.   We attend the latest optical shows in New York and Las Vegas so we can find the best the eyeglass this world has to offer.  If you want to leek at some of the specific eyeglass lines we carry, click on the specific frame “genres” in the upper right corner of the page.  If you have questions about a specific model, drop us an email, or give us a call.

Eyeglass Lenses

At Empire Optical, we really sell a lot of lens products. It would be impossible to put all of our prices here, but we can provide you with an overview. Here are some of our basic prices for lenses and services. Remember, we don’t play tricks, these are the honest prices for everyone who walks in the store (so walk in soon)...

  • Single Vision Lenses - $45

  • Flat Top Bifocals - $70

  • Flat Top Trifocals - $95

  • Basic Progressive Bifocals - $120

  • Crizal Alize AR (2 year warranty) $95

  • Transitions $+80

  • Polarized $+90

Contact Lenses

Empire Optical uses the latest technology to help you get the perfect contact lens “fit.” We use corneal topography to inspect the front surface of your eye, so we can help you select the most accurate and most comfortable lenses for your prescription. If you have your new prescription from your eye doctor, give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your new contact lenses. If you already have your contacts, you can now take advantage of our “online reordering” service. Click on the “Order Contacts Online” button to visit our online partner.

*** disclaimer - Empire Optical does not perform refractions, eye examinations or practice optometry or ophthalmology.***

Our Mission is to provide our customers with an exceptional eyewear experience.

Empire Optical

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