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If you need additional information on a full range of optical questions, this is the place to be. Over the years, we have compiled explanations for many of the most frequently asked questions about optics, or the challenges associated with prescription or eyeglass issues. Here is our library of PDF files that can help you to understand these issues:

External Links

There are many great websites available to explain current lens technologies, frame technologies, and disorders of the eye. Here are a few sites that give you some additional information on these important subjects:

1. Transitions ® Lenses. Transitions lenses are by far the most popular “photochromic” product. These lenses change when exposed to ultraviolet light. There are now more options than ever, and Transitions Optical has a great website to help you with your questions and decisions.  Click to visit the Transitions website.

2.  Crizal Anti-Reflective Coatings.  The best way to improve your vision is to add an anti-reflective coating to your lenses.  AR coatings help your eyes be reducing eye fatigue, and improving your vision in all lighting conditions.  To find out more about the technology behind the industry leader, Crizal, take a look at their site. Click to visit the Crizal website.

3.  High Index Lenses.  Do you have a strong prescription?  It is quite possible that you are currently wearing High Index lenses.   You may have questions about the uses and benefit of the “thinner and lighter” lenses, or may wonder which lens is best for you.  Find all the information you need at the following site.  Click to visit the Thin and Lite Website.

4.   Questions about you particular visual disorder?  There are many issues that can affect your vision, and you may still have questions about a specific diagnosis or disorder.  The National Institutes of Health has a good web resource for answering questions about visual disorders.  Click to visit the National Eye Institute website.

® Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.

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