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High Index Lenses

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In simple terms, High Index lenses are lenses that bend light at a greater rate than conventional plastic. If you have a strong eyeglass prescription, this has several benefits.

By choosing a high index material, your lenses will be thinner

By choosing a high index material your lenses will be lighter.

By choosing certain high index materials, your lenses can be stronger.

If you want a detailed explanation of what High Index lenses “do,” just come in to the store and we will be happy to explain the science behind the products. However, you probably just want to know that we strongly believe in these products, and it will be money well spent. When choosing high index materials, there are also different types. This list is not all-inclusive, but the main types are:

High Index 1.60. Great for moderately strong prescriptions. This material generally cuts about 30% of the thickness and weight off of your lenses.

High Index 1.67. Incredibly thin lenses. This will remove an additional 20% of thickness over 1.60. This material has special additives that also perform very well for rimless frames.

High Index 1.74. As of now, this is the thinnest lens material available. It should be about 10% thinner than a comparable 1.67 lens. Since it is relatively new, it is only available in a few lens designs.

Polycarbonate. This material has been around for a while, and is a great performer for impact resistance and drill mounting. It is lighter, thinner, and stronger than standard plastic. Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for children’s eyewear because it can help protect them during their “active” lifestyles.

Trivex. One of the newest, lightest, and clearest high index materials. This is the absolute best lens for drill mount rimless frames. We believe in it so much, that we offer a 2 year breakage guarantee. If you can manage to crack these lenses in that time, we will replace them at no cost.


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