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Getting Used to a New Prescription

Almost always a new eyeglass prescription for lenses works well for the patient, letting the patient see better than with his/her old prescription. After all, it is the patient who helped select the new prescription in the doctor's office. When you said, "Better," after the doctor said, "Better/worse . . . better/worse," the doctor believed you, and wrote your answers down as your new prescription.Most patients, when they try out their new lenses for the first time, know that they can see better, even if they realize that they see differently, and that they may have to get used to the new way the world appears.

That adaptation time period varies from a few hours to a few days.But the new prescription "working" does not mean that the patient has comfortable vision when he/she first looks through the new lenses. Many patients are sometimes startled at how different the world looks at first sight through their new lenses. They assume that because everything appears so different, that they are not seeing well.Usually that is not the case;In fact, at Empire Optical we hand you a reading card so you can check your near vision, and let you look across the room at a wall chart that tells you how well you are seeing. 

Far and away most patients, even when their prescription has been changed quite a bit, will check out 20/20 for near and far vision right away. Seeing well is not usually the problem; getting comfortable with the new vision is most often the struggle.

The key to getting used to a new prescription is to wear the new lenses. Most doctors do not want you to contact them for seven to ten days after you have received your new lenses. Doctors know, as opticians know, that 90% of the patients who experience real trouble initially with their new prescription will be doing fine after a week. However, if you wear your glasses for a week, whatever vision you have at the end of that week is probably the vision you will keep. Even very good doctors sometimes have to change the prescription. If the new prescription does not work out, Empire Optical will work with you to get you into something you can see with. For 60 days after your purchase, Empire Optical will change your lenses because of a doctor's new prescription at no additional charge.
At Empire Optical, we will do all we can to help you get used to your new prescription.

Transitions ® Lenses

Most everyone these days has heard of Transitions lenses. These are the lenses that change colors when exposed to UV light (exposed to sunlight). Did you know that there are several choices in the "Transitions Lenses" family? Here are the three main lines of Transitions lenses:

Transitions ® Lenses

Just like ordinary clear lenses, original Transitions lenses are clear when indoors and at night. Once outdoors, and depending on the amount of UV light present, these lenses change automatically to become darker in either gray or brown activated color options.These everyday lenses provide continuous comfort and peace of mind by decreasing glare, reducing eye fatigue and delivering UV 400 protection with every pair.

Transitions SOLFX ® Lenses

These are sunwear lenses that reduce glare by automatically adapting to the outdoor light conditions and eliminate the need to put on and take off sunglasses as lighting conditions change.Using advanced photochromic technology, Transitions SOLFX sun lenses self-adjust, enhancing visual performance by automatically changing and optimizing their degree of darkness or color with the sun.To see demonstrations of all the Transitions technologies, click the following link to visit their site. ® Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.

Transitions XTRActive ® Lenses

These are the perfect lenses for eyeglass wearers who seek everyday eyewear that delivers superior darkness outdoors. That's why they're so popular with active adults who enjoy being outside.Transitions XTRActive lenses are the darkest everyday lenses from Transitions Optical. They get very dark in bright outdoor light conditions and will even activate moderately behind the windshield of a car.

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